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Our custom-made implants.

Thanks to our exclusive partnership with AnatomikModeling, we can offer unique solutions tailored for the treatment of individual situations, including cases of Pectus Excavatum or other Poland syndromes.

Pectus Excavatum - Poland syndrome

Custom-made implants are useful in treating cases of Pectus Excavatum from a purely morphological point of view. Today, it is the most standard approach used by surgeons as this technique is easy to carry, reliable, not very intrusive, without risk of injury or complications, and giving refined aesthetic results.((André, M. Dahan, E. Bozonnet, I. Garrido, J.-L. Grolleau, J.-P. Chavoin Pectus excavatum : correction par la technique de comblement avec mise en place d’une prothèse en silicone sur mesure en position rétromusculaire profonde [archive] Encycl Méd Chir, Elsevier Masson SAS – Techniques chirurgicales – Chirurgie plastique reconstructrice et esthétique, 45-671, Techniques chirurgicales – Thorax, 42-480, 2010.))