The tradition of innovation

Over the past decade, Sebbin has launched an average of 2 new products per year, covering all plastic surgery specialties.

Integrity sebbin round matrix semi-smooth semi-lisses implants silicone

Latest generation implant surface

Sebbin has developed a brand new surface for the shells of its latest generation breast implants. This surface has very low roughness and is therefore classified as “smooth” by the international ISO standard. A recent clinical study involving several hundred patients, published in a major international journal, has shown that this new implant surface is associated with a very low rate of capsular contractures. 1

Fat Washer 800

The Fat Washer 800 is a patented medical device designed for the harvesting and processing of large volumes of fat for body contouring procedures.
The device allows for a unique fat processing technique, called “micronization”.
Its standard connections ensures its compatibility with almost all existing lipofilling equipment. Sterile for single use, it allows to perform the procedure in closed circuit.

Fatwasher Fat washer Sebbin LipoArt Lipofilling
Nasal stent Sebbin conformateur naritaine Talmant Innovation

« Talmant » nasal stent

After a surgical reconstruction of the nose, scarring results in a retraction of the nostrils, which can degrade the aesthetic and functional results obtained. In order to provide a solution to this problem, Sebbin has developed a silicone nostril shaper with Doctor Talmant, a world expert in nose reconstruction. Used for a few weeks or months after surgery, it allows the shape of the nostril to be preserved during the healing phase, and thus the result obtained by surgery to be maintained. A recent study has shown that this device is particularly well tolerated by patients and their families


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