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To ensure the peace of mind of patients, Sebbin is happy to offer a long-term warranty program covering its entire range of breast implants pre-filled with silicone gel.

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Warranty conditions


Sebbin offers free product replacement in case of confirmed rupture or capsular contracture 1 from the date of implantation. 2

No registration is requested to benefit from Sebbin warranty.

The registration automatically takes effect when the mammary prostheses are implanted. Your surgeon will give you your personal patient booklet with all the information about your implants.

Contact your surgeon if you have any questions about your implants warranty. He will be able to advise you, answer your questions and provide you with the resources that may be useful to you.

This warranty is only applicable in the country where the original surgery occurred.

Reimbursement options

In certain situations breast implants can be reimbursed by healthcare insurance organizations. Please enquire about the possible financial options with your country’s health organization.

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Numerous ongoing clinical studies – a guarantee of superior quality

Sebbin is currently carrying out 9 clinical studies (French and international), covering more than 3,000 patients who have benefited from our medical devices.

Sebbin has been leading the largest international multicenter prospective study on the 10-year follow-up of a cohort of more than 900 patients. The study, which involves breast implants pre-filled with silicone gel, is being carried out in 15 private or government funded hospitals across Europe.
The clinical evaluation of our products is carried out by independent surgeons.

  1. Grade III / IV[]
  2. According to report EC 15-02-001, Sebbin evaluated the average lifespan of its pre-filled with silicone gel breast implants at 10 years.[]