Specific implants.

Thoracic custom-made implants made with 3D technology

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The Groupe Sebbin in partnership with AnatomikModeling offers custom-made implants which adapt perfectly to the anatomy of each patient. These implants can compensate for congenital or trauma deformation, particularly for diseases such as Pectus Excavatum (thorax deformation characterized by depression of the sternum), Poland syndrome (absence of all or part of the pectoralis major muscle) or other muscle impairment (e.g. atrophy of the calf).[1]

In women with a Pectus Excavatum, any mammary asymmetry can be partly or completely corrected by this technique.[2]     
The highly innovative technology from AnatomikModeling allows, from the patient's scan performed in hospital, to design by CAD (computer aided design) a 100% personalized implant which is unique to each patient, to ensure comfort and the most aesthetically pleasing results.[3]
The operating technique is far less important than orthopaedic techniques such as Ravitch's or Nuss's, and there is little post-operative pain. [4] A single operation is necessary, with no more than 3 days in hospital. If there are no functional disorders, this is nowadays the most suitable technique.                      

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