Specific devices

Custom-made implants (private)

Pectus Excavatum

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The surgery [1]

  • Under general anaesthetic for an hour on average
  • Doing a vertical midline incision and preparing the cavity to the size of the implant
  • The implant is deeply slipped into the cavity under the muscle
  • The closing is made in 3 planes with intradermal thread and absorbable stitching



Following the operation [1]

  • Surgical outcomes with little pain: treatment with simple analgesics
  • Little post-operative care: the stitches are absorbable, no drain, only a dressing for 8 days and a compression bra to wear for 1 month
  • Follow-up consultation after 8 days with puncture of seroma
  • Sick leave for 15 days and sports restriction for 3 months

The advantages [1]

  • Setting up the implant is made easier, perfect stability of the implant: sub-muscular set-up
  • The aesthetic result is refined: the edges of the implant are invisible
  • Definitive implant: polymerised silicone
  • The post-operative outcomes are much less important than with orthopaedic techniques llike Ravitch's or Nuss's
  • Surgical outcomes with little pain: treatment with simple analgesics
  • The risks of hematoma are very low: no drain
  • Rapid resumption of activity: 15 days for work and 3 months for taking part in sport
  • The management of complex cases is made easier; redo of Ravitch's or Nuss's procedure, lateralized or low deep Pectus, redo of surgery on implanted breast prosthesis

The procedure

Here is the procedure to carry out for manufacturing a custom-made implant

  • Carrying out the patient scan
  • Sending medical data and patient pictures
  • Sending the prescription
  • Signature of the estimate
  • Validation of the implant design

The time required for making a custom-made implant is about 2 months from the day of signature of the estimate (with validation of the implant design taking a week at most).

> More details on the procedure: download the pdf

> More details on the brochure: download the pdf

> More infos on www.anatomikmodeling.com   



[1] André, M. Dahan, E. Bozonnet, I. Garrido, J.-L. Grolleau, J.-P. Chavoin Pectus excavatum : correction par la technique de comblement avec mise en place d’une prothèse en silicone sur mesure en position rétromusculaire profonde Encycl Méd Chir, Elsevier Masson SAS - Techniques chirurgicales - Chirurgie plastique reconstructrice et esthétique, 45-671, Techniques chirurgicales - Thorax, 42-480, 2010.