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Innovations (private)

Plastic surgery and computer aided design (3D) applied to implants.

As an innovative company, AnatomikModeling  has developed a strong expertise in the field of custom-made implant for  the plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and thoracic surgery thanks to new techniques of computer aided design (CAD). These techniques are based on several years of research and development carried out in collaboration with the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery of the University Hospital of Toulouse Rangueil and service of Thoracic Surgery of the Larrey Hospital.

Groupe SEBBIN works in partnership with AnatomikModeling to create its custom-made implants.

The principle is this one:

  • Step 1 : Scanning the zone
  • Step 2 : Filling in the prescription
  • Step 3 : Acceptation of the estimate
  • Step 4 : Integration of the scanner file in the software
  • Step 5 : Determination of the mould outlines
  • Step 6 : Realization of the pre-mould
  • Step 7 : Realization of the definitive mould
  • Step 8 : Realization of the implant
  • Step 9 : Delivery to the surgeon

This process allows the creation of custom-made implants of higher precision in zones which are difficult to reach. The computer technology allows to work remotely with the surgeon partner. 


Patient before surgery of a funnel thorax

Correction with the custom-made implant.

Addition of breast implants.

Laboratoires Sebbin has received the premium of innovation from the PM'Up Ile de Francefor this 3D technology!