Having good insurance is reassuring.




You are considering having SEBBIN implants fitted and, by doing this, you are placing your trust in our company.
We thank you for it.

As a designer and manufacturer of implantable medical devices for plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery for more than 30 years, we want to reassure you about our commitment to quality by guaranteeing:

  • The use of raw materials that are biocompatible, of medical quality, implantable for the long term, compliant with our specifications, controlled by our notified body (MDC) and our healthcare authority (ANSM)
  • Manufacturing procedures and their associated inspections, which are registered and kept on file for a period of 30 years, leading to complete compatibility between our products and the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards that govern them
  • Our tracking system, which makes it possible to identify each implant from the raw materials from which it was designed until it is fitted thanks to the serial number which is unique to each medical device and is inseparable from its product reference.

Our vigilance of materials shows rupture and capsular contracture rates of less than 1% in our breast implants pre-filled with silicone gel 9 years after fitting. These rates are confirmed by our current clinical records. Endorsed by the integrity and intrinsic quality of our implants and in order to assure you of our long term commitment to you, we invite you to contact your surgeon to discuss our Warranty Programme. 


You have just had SEBBIN implants fitted, please sign up for our Warranty Programme for breast implants.